We could notice changed behavior throughout the lessons.

One of the participants had an aggressive attitude in expressing her sadness. She had lost her son 8 years ago, she was still wearing black, crying all the time, and even holding feelings of guilt and self-blame. S

he expressed, “How can I believe that God loves me when he took my son at the age of 6! How can I believe that God loves me when I’m fighting depression, sadness, despair, and loneliness? I always pray for my kid but my life has no sense anymore; I lost a part of myself. I’m unable to pray for my husband and my second son who needs me next to him”.

During the sessions, she was able to talk, express, and acknowledge the effort she has to make to walk the road of grief. At the end of the sessions, she thanked us for the amazing work and effort that we have done and said: “new small steps will be taken, I will start praying for my husband and son and thank God they are alive, I will start choosing few colors to wear other than black, and for the first time from 8 years I will put the Christmas tree and will decorate it with my family.