From Grieving to Healing

Bible-based program for children and teens

For children and teens to start their healing journey in a safe place after losing a loved one. 

About "From Grieving to Healing"

The program is based on six sessions (given in small groups) for around one hour and a half each. It will help participants accept the reality of loss, identify and express their feelings, correct self-destructive thoughts…

The program uses

Biblical references





“We were able to be ourselves together. We cried. We bonded. We could say things that would sound dumb to anyone else -I could tell them how I’d been emotionless and hopeless and they knew what that was like. They had been there, too.” -15 years old girl, loss of sibling-


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where & when the sessions are given?

The sessions are given in Bible Society premises. Timing is flexible, depending on the availability of participants. Fill in the registration form and we will contact you!


Can my two children attend the sessions?

Preferably not. We prefer not to have siblings in the same group so they can express themselves freely.

Which ages can attend?

Age range of kids 7-12 years’ old
Age range of teens 12-16 years’ old

Is this considered as therapy?

No, these are group sessions that help participants start their healing journey and express themselves without any judgement.


We will contact you  for the upcoming training if your profile is suitable.