Family Bible

Bible-based training

To help you build families centered on the Word of God.

Family Bible

A Bible and Psychology based curriculum that aims to enrich participants’ existing knowledge and skills when it comes to cultivating a Godly marriage and parenting approaches.

The program uses

Biblical references

Basic mental health concepts

Real-life stories

Material is available in English and Arabic

Program Highlights

  • Attachment Theory and its relation to the Bible
  • Partnership from a Biblical perspective
  • Practical cases and Biblical examples on how to deal with children (in case of death, rivalry…)
  • parenting styles & projection on God, etc.

Program schedule:

  • 5 sessions, every Monday, starting 20 March 2023 at 6:30 PM
  • The first and last sessions will be live at the Bible Society in Bauchrieh
  • The rest of the sessions are on ZOOM
  • Single, engaged, or married, everyone is welcome!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can engaged couples attend the training?

Of course! The program is offered for couples, parents, caregivers, and any individuals interested in enriching their knowledge in this topic.


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