Trauma Healing for Adults

Bible-based training

Bible-based training to equip you to help and support traumatized individuals in their communities.

Healing the wounds of trauma for adults

Training on a bible-based program for people in churches and organizations – lay and clergy – to be able to help and support traumatized individuals in their communities.

The program uses

Biblical references

Basic mental health concepts

Real-life stories

Material is available in English and Arabic

Adult Trauma Healing feedback

Every person should participate in this training because it helps us to undesrtand ourselves and face the challendges in our lives …

My favorite lesson was the one about forgiveness beacuse we should be able to live out forgivenss so that we can continue our lives in a healthy way.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Place and time of training

The training requires physical presence for six hours on three consecutive days.


What are the certificate levels and how to attain them?

At the end of the first training, you will receive an “Apprentice Facilitator” certificate.

After completion of the second training, the advanced one, your certificate would be “Training Facilitator” or “Healing Group Facilitator”

Skilled participants can become trainers of the program and can undergo coaching with our trainers to become Master Facilitators 

Who gives out the certificates?

The certificates given are from Bible Society Lebanon, and the Trauma Healing institute in the US.

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