About HMS

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Healing the Mind and Spirit

The Bible Society is engaged in equipping the Church in dealing with traumatized communities through relative bible-based programs delivered by the HMS Center. 

HMS Center seeks to coordinate, advocate, raise awareness, conduct needs assessments and research, and organize events relative to various trauma healing programs for the region.

The Center also publishes relevant materials in Arabic and other indigenous languages as Bible-engagement tools in support of the various projects and partners engaged in trauma healing.

If God loves us, why do we suffer?

How do traumatized people act?

How can we help them?

How can the wounds of our heart be healed?

How can we help someone who is grieving?

War, accidents, displacement, domestic violence, sexual abuse, losing loved ones, addiction and many more are considered traumatic events.


We train individuals (lay or clergy) and groups

Trauma Healing

Receive healing and help others, of all ages, do so as well

Family Bible

Build a Godly family

Bible-based Logotherapy

Find meaning and purpose in life

“The training combines biblical and psychological approaches, helps trainees take their first step of healing, practical not just theoretical, and it creates a community for all the trainees to connect and develop even after the training… ”

Naji Fakhoury – Trainer

“During several trainings we heard stories of tragedies that were transformed into stories of victories. We saw sorrows turn into living hope; breathing encouragement and desire for life to continue. All these stories are witness that healing is a process that will bear fruit.”

Paul Saado – Trainer

“The way the training is given is a mixture of explaining theoretical materials and sharing practical experiences.”

Rita Zakhour – Trainer