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Trauma is prevalent today and trauma healing has become a need and a necessity to attend to suffering communities.

The Bible Society is engaged in equipping the Church in dealing with traumatized communities through relative bible-based programs delivered by the HMS Center. HMS Center seeks to coordinate, advocate, raise awareness, conduct needs assessments and research, and organize events relative to various trauma healing programs for the region.

The Center also publishes relevant materials in Arabic and other indigenous

languages as bible-engagement tools in support of the various projects and

partners engaged in trauma healing.

If God loves us, why do we suffer?

How do traumatized people act?

How can we help them?

How can the wounds of our heart be healed?

How can we help someone who is grieving?

War, accidents, displacement, domestic violence, sexual abuse, losing loved ones, addiction and many more are considered traumatic events.



Adults Trauma Healing

Training on a bible-based program

for people in churches and organizations – lay and clergy – to be able to help

and support traumatized individuals in their communities.

The “Healing the Wounds of Trauma” program uses:-         

  • Biblical references with more than 320 Scripture verses   
  • Basic mental health concepts       
  • Real-life stories to help people connect the teaching with their circumstances.

The training is given in Arabic (English materials available)

Caring for Children in Crisis

Training on a bible-based program for people working with children to offer

help and compassionate care for young children and growing teenagers,

especially those who are poor, abused, suffered from violence or hardships, underprivileged, underserved in society, displaced, or survivors of armed conflicts and bloody wars.

The training is followed by a 5-day

implementation Children’s camp

Community Trauma Healing

Lectures and workshops presented

by specialists from a biblical, social and psychological approach to raise awareness and campaign the importance of trauma, how to deal with it and how to heal from its consequences.

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